Video Shows Passenger Duct-Taped To Seat After Alleged Confrontation With Flight Crew

During an American Airlines Flight 1774 from Dallas-Fort Worth to Charlotte, chaos ensued when a passenger allegedly attacked the flight crew and attempted to open the cabin door mid-flight. A video posted on social media showed the gray-haired woman being duct-taped to her seat, with her mouth covered and her body and arms restrained.

The flight, which had a three-hour delay, took off at midnight and was scheduled for a two-hour journey. However, about an hour into the flight, the situation escalated. Passengers reported that flight attendants were seen running up and down the aisles, appearing frantic and communicating with each other in hushed tones. Bathrooms were locked, and bags from overhead bins were collected without explanation to the passengers.

As confusion mounted, the pilot made an announcement over the intercom, urging passengers to remain in their seats and referencing a “bad situation” on the plane.

Screaming became more audible as the flight approached its destination. A fellow passenger recounted that a flight attendant nearby explained that a woman had an outburst, expressing a desperate desire to exit the plane. She banged on the doors and demanded to be let off. Eventually, the flight attendants subdued her and secured her to her seat using duct tape.

American Airlines confirmed the incident, stating that the woman had assaulted and bitten a flight attendant while attempting to open the forward boarding door. The crew took necessary measures to ensure the safety of other passengers and restrained her.

Upon landing in Charlotte, emergency personnel met the flight, and the woman was transported to a local hospital. American Airlines has placed her on an internal no-fly list pending an investigation into the incident.

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