Upsetting Videos Show What The Implosion Of The Titanic Submersible Might Look Like

Tragedy struck when all five crew members of the OceanGate Titan submarine lost their lives in an implosion, prompting people to wonder about the nature of such an event. Videos shared on TikTok offer simulations and examples of what the implosion might have been like.

The videos depict a grim scenario where any passengers on board would perish almost instantly without realizing what was happening. One video shows the sinking submersible collapsing inward, likened to crushing a can of Coke. According to experts, the force of the water was so powerful that it blew the front and back of the submersible off, causing immense destruction in a matter of milliseconds.

OceanGate’s CEO, Stockton Rush, who was among the victims, had reportedly ignored or dismissed warnings about the submersible’s safety in the past. Correspondence with a deep-sea expert revealed concerns about the potential danger of the expedition, but Stockton disregarded them, considering them baseless insults. The recent confirmation by the US Navy that an implosion occurred adds weight to the concerns raised.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the submersible was not registered with international agencies or classified by a maritime industry group due to its innovative design, which the operators believed would take a long time for inspectors to understand.

An investor, Jay Bloom, shared his conversation with Stockton, expressing safety concerns, but Stockton insisted that the expedition was safer than activities like helicopter flights or scuba diving, despite being proven wrong.

The tragic incident has brought attention to the lack of adherence to international laws and safety standards surrounding the submersible. Investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding the implosion, while loved ones mourn the loss of the crew members who perished.

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