Two Nursing Home Workers Caught On Tape Abusing 98-year-old Grandma

Minnie Graham, a 98-year-old lady, was admitted to a nursing home for constant care and support. However, she started complaining to her family that the staff was mistreating her, particularly the nurse assigned to take care of her. Her family didn’t take her claims too seriously until they saw bruises on her body and a black eye. The staff told the family that Minnie fell from her wheelchair, but the family knew there was more to the story.

To find out what was going on, Minnie’s granddaughters decided to put a camera in her room, hidden in a clock. The family saw something horrible on the footage. Two employees, Brenna Tiller and Iwuchukwu Ekechukwu, were abusing their beloved grandma. In one of the footages, they were shown spraying water on Minnie’s face and forcing a cloth into her mouth that had just been used to clean her body.

It took some time for the two workers to be punished for what they did, but through initiative and determination, the family witnessed justice being served before Minnie passed away. Ekechukwu was reportedly convicted for a felony with five years of probation and had her nursing home license revoked, but Tiller continued to work at a different facility, and authorities have been unable to track her down.

It goes without saying that absolutely no one deserves this sort of treatment, particularly not someone so weak and vulnerable as Minnie. This story is a reminder that we must always be vigilant when it comes to the care and treatment of our elderly loved ones, and we should take action when we suspect mistreatment or abuse.

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