Toby Keith Discusses His Battle With Stomach Cancer

We all know Toby Keith, he is a country music star and now he is speaking out about his health. He has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and has been receiving treatment.

He posted a message on social media: “I have spent my last six months getting radiation, surgery, and chemo. I need to take some time to recover and rest.”

Despite his struggles with health, he will never forget his supporters and friends. I am looking forward to spending time with my family, but I will see the fans sooner rather than later, he added.

Toby Keith has not been very active lately and the reason for this has been his health condition. He suffers from stomach cancer and has informed his followers that this is the reason why he is being treated for these months.

His treatment started in the fall and is still going on. He shared a message on Instagram and Twitter for all those who were concerned about his health. “I have been diagnosed with stomach cancer. This period has not been easy for me because I have to follow strict treatments and chemotherapy. But things are going well. I need some time to rest and get better.”

The famous rapper has always wanted to spend more time with his family. During this period, she had more time to stay close to his family. However, he writes that during this time he missed his fans a lot and he can’t wait to meet them.

He is expected to have a performance in June and for this, he has not given any new update. It is not yet known if he will perform this performance in Illinois and Michigan on June 17 and 18. In 2006, the singer founded his foundation to support children suffering from cancer and the purpose of this foundation was to give children emotional support and months to fight this difficult and painful disease.

According to him, the most important thing in the world is family and health. For this reason, he created the Toby Keith Foundation, which would help families who had children with cancer, to make this fight even easier.

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