TikTok’s Alicia Mccarvell Speaks After People Rudely Claims Her Husband Is Too ‘Good Looking’ For Her

Alicia McCarvell is a well-known creator of TikTok and her videos are very liked and clicked. However, not every video she posts is liked by everyone. She was recently criticized for a video she had shared on TikTok in which she had received more than 20 million clicks.

She and her husband, who is liked by many girls because of their appearance, make different videos that are pleasant and entertaining. But what has upset Alicia, who has decided to return an answer to all those who spread hatred?

Recently, she posted a video where she appears with her husband covered with a towel in front of the mirror. Then they prepare to go for a walk wearing beautiful clothes. At her TikTok address, not many people like her relationship with her husband. In many videos, they appear together promoting healthy foods and doing sports.

This is done in order to spread as much positivity as possible in her address. But according to the fans, there is something wrong. They think her husband is more beautiful than her. But this is not right at all because all people are beautiful in their own way. This was the reason that prompted Alicia to respond to her followers and commenters.

According to her, many comments are unnecessary and incomprehensible. Some people think that she was not healthy before she met her husband, while others think that she was rich. However, there are other comments such as “love is blind”. It is written about her husband that he fetishizes fat women. Alicia says that she is not at all satisfied with these comments and is surprised that these comments come mostly from women.

She also tells that many girls harass her husband by telling him to be with someone who is thin according to today’s beauty standards. This is not at all acceptable and normal. She feels very happy with her life and her husband. Her body and weight do not prevent her from living her life the way she wants. In her video, she advises girls to love their bodies.

Alicia shows that she does not feel jealous about the harassment that the girls do to her husband because they are very much in love. Her husband is also in love with Alicia’s body and her heart. She is proud of herself and is not affected by the negative comments she may receive on her videos.

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