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This Baby Was Born With So Much Hair That It Was Visible On The X-Ray Taken Of Her While She Was Still In Her Mother’s Womb

Alexis Bartlett was a newborn from Australia that actually was born with a hairy head. It was even revealed in an usual ultrasound X-ray in her mother’s womb.

It takes infants around one year to have the amount of hair he had just a few weeks after conception.

hairy head

The little cute girl has wonderful shoulder-length hair just a couple of months after birth. When the parents saw the X-Ray they were concerned at the beginning.

hairy head

But now everything is going great with Alexis Bartlett. Her mother claims that the girl resembles her, and what’s funny, she works as a barber.

hairy head

She wins tons of admirers when she goes out. What do you think about her?

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