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The Woman Is Waiting At The Train Station But No One Knows Her

Ylva Johansson is the Swedish Labor Minister and she does not use a luxury car and has not hired a personal driver. It is to be admired the fact that the Swedish minister uses public transport to go to work.

This action was discussed a lot and it was talked about whether she should maintain a position because of the position she has or behave like all citizens. Johansson goes to work using the train and rarely waits to get on the train, like everyone else.

“Johansson uses the train every day to go to the island and in the evening he orders a sandwich”. She seems very happy without people accompanying her or bodyguards who are with her wherever she goes. This behavior has made her even more loved by the citizens.

According to them, this is an important sign that shows how cultured their minister is. She has decided to live as a simple citizen without having much drama and luxury in her life. Johansson was appointed to this position in 2014.

The minister has also had other important duties since 1994 when she became the Minister for Schools. She was also the Minister of Health for Welfare and the Elderly and Minister of Employment from 2014 to 2019.

She completed her master’s degree in Teaching Sciences and has been a physical, math, and chemistry teacher. Johansson is a wonderful and special woman, so say all the people who know her. She has two children with Bo Hammar and a son from her marriage with Erik Sbrink.

She and Erik confirmed in 1998 that they were in love with each other and after this declaration, Johansson decided to work for several years in the private sector.

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