The Teen Idol of The 50s Who Saved His Twin Boys In The Mysterious Plane Accident That Led To His Own Death

Ricky Nelson was a teen pop star that was admired a lot, and one of the most televised performers at that time. We are aware of the enigmatic circumstances that surround his passing, but not all are aware of his decision to save his twin boys.

His popularity grew during the 1960′ and he went on a lot of tours over the years. Unfortunately, he died mysteriously on one of these tours.

He planned to travel to Dallas with his sons for a performance there. Some kind of bad feeling prompted him to call his sons and explain to them they won’t fly together to Dallas.

So Ricky boarded the aircraft, and before approaching the destination, the plane was filled with smoke, and the passengers perished in the fire.

We still don’t know the cause of the fire, but it is believed that it was caused by a mechanical malfunction.

Now his two sons are grown up and have their own successful music careers. What do you think about his life-saving revelation?

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