The Love Story Of Sir Anthony Hopkins And His Current Wife Stella Arroyave Who Is 18 Years His Junior

Sir Anthony Hopkins landed iconic roles in his career. The passion he put for acting can be felt even through the TV screen, and that’s what makes him one of the greatest of all time.

Hopkins has been married three times. Firstly he tied the knot in 1966 with Petronella Barker and had a daughter with her. A couple of years later he got divorced and married Jennifer Lynton a year later in 1973. They stayed together for around 30 years. Now he is married to Stella Arroyave, who is 18 years younger.

Sir Anthony Hopkins entered Stella’s shop, to find some furniture, but instead, he found love. Later, she got the opportunity to be in a lot of films. Now she is a screenwriter and a director.

She spoke about her husband saying that he is very professional and treats her very well. We even have good exchanges and ideas.

Sir Anthony was knighted by Queen Elizabeth for his services to the arts. He also had a relationship with Martha Stewart before 2003.

Martha was married till 1990 to Andrew Stewart, and in 1991 came out the film “Silence of the Lambs” of the actor so, their relationship happened between 1991 and 2003. 

On the show “The Ellen Show” Martha revealed the three-decade-old secret during a game. 

The host of the show offered the following statements, and one was the potential lies: First that Martha used to date Sir Anthony, and second that she broke up with him because she couldn’t stop thinking of him as Hannibal Lecter, in the film we mentioned earlier. 

Martha said that she had a big and scary house in Maine but couldn’t take Anthony there. This is because the house is in the middle of the forest and she would imagine Anthony in his role as the cannibalistic character that he played in “Silence of the Lambs”.

She then admitted to having gone on a few dates with the actor. To be honest, it would have been difficult for anyone to not imagine Anthony as Hannibal after seeing that film. So, we don’t blame her.

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