“The Carol Burnett Show”: Skit From The Carol Burnett Show Has An Unexpected Twist

“The Carol Burnett Show” was renowned for its timeless comedy sketches, and one unforgettable gem featured the comedic duo of Carol Burnett and Tim Conway. In this particular sketch, the duo portrayed a couple revisiting their wedding destination in Mexico after a decade. Despite staying in the same room they occupied on their wedding night, they couldn’t help but question the quality of their accommodations.

As the scene unfolds, Carol’s character, Tune, suddenly exclaims, “Henry, Henry!” She claims that something slithered across her, her eyes wide with alarm. Tim, in the role of Henry, tries to calm her, assuring her it’s just her imagination playing tricks.

Tune insists that Henry turn on the light, and he mischievously teases her by saying, “It’s right there!” while pointing towards her feet. This sends Tune jumping out of bed in fear. But as she does, Henry quickly reveals it was all a joke. Annoyed, she reluctantly returns to bed.

However, Tune’s nerves are far from settled, and she soon cries out again, this time claiming she nearly stepped on the dresser as she perches on it. Henry, bewildered, asks where the dresser is, only to realize that Tune is seeing things that aren’t there. He amusingly pretends to battle a “monster” but discovers it’s just a can of antiperspirant. They eventually settle back into bed, with Henry placing the antiperspirant in a nearby cup.

Carol’s character once again panics, shouting that the glass has shattered, and the lights come on. She playfully speculates that perhaps the antiperspirant is transmitting resentment. Adding to the comedic chaos, she insists that Henry not move, claiming there’s something on the back of his neck. After Henry goes outside in response to her exaggerated fears, she locks him out, but in the end, she relents and lets him back in.

Returning to their bed, the couple encounters yet another absurd situation: Henry has a gigantic lizard perched on his back. The audience bursts into laughter even before Carol’s character notices the reptile. When she finally does, she reacts with dramatic flair, fainting in a comical fashion. The sketch keeps the audience entertained throughout, with its clever humor and hilarious antics.

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