The Academy Reveals What Will Smith Refused to Do Immediately After He Slapped Chris Rock

There are new developments to the story that happened during the Oscars. In this article, we will be seeing just this. What actually occurred after the unpleasant event.

The Academy’s Board of Governors met in order to discuss and decide if Will Smith should keep his Oscar or not after what happened during the ceremony.

The Board of Governors said that in order to determine this thing there had to be a vote. This will occur on a future date that is yet to be decided.

The Board also revealed what happened after the unpleasant event. They said it was something that no one could have predicted.

Will Smith was asked to leave the ceremony of the Oscars but he refused to do it. This is the type of answer that they did not anticipate receiving and they let him stay.

After this, they said in a statement that they realize now that the situation might have been handled in a different way.

Since then many other movie stars and comedians have expressed their opinions about this situation and said that according to them Will should have been escorted out of the ceremony.

There will be another meeting on the 18th of April where disciplinary measures will be taken regarding the behavior of Will Smith.

Will Smith has publicly apologized to Chris Rock through his social platforms. He described his behavior as unacceptable and accepted that he was wrong.

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