The 15 Worst Wedding Dresses of All Time (With Pics)

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is a top priority for most brides. However, some have made choices that left a lasting impression for all the wrong reasons. Here are 15 of the worst wedding dresses of all time:

Pamela Anderson’s Bikini Wedding Dress:

Pamela Anderson wore a tiny white bikini when she married Kid Rock on a yacht in St. Tropez. It was one of the most inappropriate choices for a wedding, though fitting for her bold personality.

Katie Price’s Wedding Dress:

At her wedding to Kieran Hyler, Katie Price wore a very short gown that exposed most of her body. Her choice left many of her fans shocked and wondering if it was a joke.

Real Cake Wedding Gown:

One bride chose a wedding dress made entirely of a giant cake covered in white icing. It was quite a challenge to walk down the aisle in this outfit, but it was perfect for the sweet-toothed bride who snacked on her skirt.

Worst Wedding Dress for a Pregnant Bride:

A pregnant bride wore a dress with a giant hole cut out in the middle to emphasize her tummy. It was a bizarre choice that left many wondering if she wanted her unborn baby to witness the wedding too.

Nothing Left to Chance:

This dress exposed the bride’s bosom to everyone. It was a daring and inappropriate choice, making it one of the most awesomely bad wedding dresses.

Balloon Wedding Dress:

A bride wore a wedding gown made out of balloons. While it was creative, the design was ruined by the balloons, making it impractical and one of the worst choices.

Lady Mary Charteris’ Wedding Dress:

Lady Mary Charteris shocked her guests by wearing a scandalous wedding dress with a tulle skirt and floral headpiece when she married rock musician Robbie Furze. It was far from the classic and elegant dress expected from British royalty.

Bride or Stripper?:

This bride wore a very revealing dress that looked more appropriate for a strip club than a wedding. It was one of the most horrible choices for a wedding dress.

Cocoon-Inspired Wedding Gown:

Inspired by Russian nesting dolls, this 1965 wedding dress looked like a crocheted hot dog. It was extravagant and impractical, making it one of the tackiest wedding dresses.

Emma Thompson’s Wedding Dress:

Emma Thompson wore a dress that looked like it was made from dated upholstery. The puffy sleeves and bizarre cut made it an epic fail.

A Jumpsuit for a Wedding Gown?:

Solange Knowles chose a beige-colored jumpsuit for her wedding day, which she wore while biking around New Orleans with her husband. It was unconventional and not a typical wedding dress choice.

Mama June’s Hot Mess:

Mama June wore a camo wedding dress with an overly ruched skirt and a contrasting orange sash. The matching groom’s outfit made it one of the worst wedding outfit combos ever seen.

Tina Turner’s Wedding Gown:

Tina Turner wore a green poofy gown that looked like something from the play Wicked. The color and the leggings in the front ruined the dress.

Queen of Exaggeration:

One bride wore an extremely wide wedding gown that was at least nine feet wide. It was impractical and exaggerated, making it a terrible choice.

Cream Puffs Wedding Gown:

This 20-pound dress was made from cream puffs. It was more like a dessert than a dress, leaving one to wonder what would be left after everyone picked off the cream puffs.

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