Terri Irwin “Almost Died” After Seeing The Frightening Images Of Her Teenage Son Robert Being Devoured By A 13-Foot Crocodile

Robert Irwin, also known as the son of Steve Irwin, has recently gained a lot of fame on social media, due to viral news. Robert seems to be following in his father’s footsteps and is becoming even more successful every day. He is working in the zoo where his father worked and takes care of different animals. He and his mother care for many animals at one of Australia’s largest zoos.

A scary incident happened when her 18-year-old son was taking care of the crocodile. He was almost killed by a huge 13-foot crocodile. This is the saltwater crocodile named Casper at the Australia Zoo. Robert had gone to feed the crocodile but ended up running for his life.

Terri was very scared and still believes that her son was attacked by a giant crocodile. Recently, she has become even more sensitive due to the loss of her beloved husband. The crocodile almost killed Robert. This leucistic crocodile is very rare and lives in salt water. He is also about 4 meters long and the fish weighs 350 kilograms.

Crocodile attacked Robert and he started screaming for help. The 18-year-old’s heart beat faster and he was very afraid. This particular animal was more leukemic, so it had darker skin than other crocodiles. Robert shared this event with his followers and everyone was shocked.

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