Ted Comes Home Blackout Drunk

Ted, a man known for returning home in a drunken stupor on most nights, stumbled through the door once again. His bleary eyes failed to notice the shocking sight that awaited him in his own bedroom – his friend Carl, sharing the bed with his wife.

Exhausted and oblivious to the unfolding drama, Ted collapsed onto the bed and promptly passed out. Carl, caught in a state of panic, contemplated making a hasty escape. However, Ted’s wife intervened, her voice hushed with secrecy and mischief as she uttered, “Don’t leave, this fool is so inebriated, he won’t even notice if I pluck a hair from his buttocks.”

With a devilish grin, she proceeded to do just that, and to her relief, Ted remained completely unresponsive. Assured by her husband’s continued slumber, Carl decided to proceed with his clandestine affair. An hour passed, and Ted stirred slightly in his sleep, sending a jolt of fear through Carl. But once again, Ted’s wife intervened, preventing Carl from bolting, and slyly plucking yet another hair from Ted’s rear end.

As the night wore on, Carl found himself in the midst of this bizarre charade, still engaged in his amorous escapade with Ted asleep beside him. The ludicrous situation, punctuated by the wife’s strange interventions, created a comical and surreal scene in the dimly lit bedroom.

The tale of Ted’s drunken homecoming, his wife’s peculiar strategy to keep him oblivious, and Carl’s unexpected predicament serves as a humorous and absurd anecdote, highlighting the lengths people may go to in order to maintain secrecy and avoid confrontation, even in the most absurd circumstances.

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