Swimming Instructor Warns Parents Not To Put Towel Around Kids’ Shoulders

A swimming instructor named Nikki Scarnati gained popularity on TikTok after posting a video about pool safety. She warned parents about a common mistake they make when wrapping their children in towels after swimming. In the video, Nikki demonstrated the incorrect way parents usually wrap towels around their children’s shoulders and explained why it can be dangerous.

Nikki emphasized that children can become chilly quickly after leaving the pool and parents’ instinct is to wrap them in a towel to keep them warm. However, she pointed out that when the towel is wrapped over the child’s shoulders, it restricts their arm movement and can potentially lead to drowning if they accidentally fall into the water.

To address this issue, Nikki demonstrated the proper way to wrap a towel around a child after swimming. She showed how to place the towel underneath the child’s arms, allowing their arms to remain free. This way, if the child ends up in the water, they can use their limbs to swim to safety.

The video garnered positive feedback from parents who appreciated Nikki’s advice. Some parents asked about alternatives if the child moves the towel to cover their shoulders due to cold, to which Nikki suggested wrapping and tucking the towel in the back or using different towel styles like a Teri cloth towel robe. Another benefit pointed out by a viewer was that if the child tripped, having their arms free could help them catch themselves before hitting the ground.

Nikki’s pool safety tip resonated with many parents who commended her for the valuable advice. By raising awareness about this common oversight, Nikki aimed to ensure children have a fun and safe swimming experience.

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