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Susan Lucci Is In Our Prayers

Susan Lucci has been talked about so much recently for her health problems. However, she had not given any clear statement on this matter. In the end, she decided to clarify her health condition so that no misunderstandings are created. She recently had another operation due to a cardiac emergency. She had serious heart problems and for this, she went to the hospital several times.

Susan thanks her friends and relatives who are staying close to her during this period. she needs to thank her doctors who are very understanding and are trying to do their best to improve her health condition. The 75-year-old has decided to give an interview about this situation and describe how she feels after the problems she has had.

She says that now she feels good and lucky that she managed to overcome such a challenge again, but the symptoms are clear and difficult.

Susan Lucci described the heart attack in a recent interview, saying she first felt a tightness in her chest and felt anxious.

She was immediately sent to the hospital, where she realized that she might have had a heart attack and finally survived. According to cardiologist Dr. Richard Shlofmitz, Susan is getting better.

Susan managed to understand that she might be having a heart attack due to the tightness in her chest. So she immediately went to the hospital. According to doctors, her age requires special care when it comes to the heart. It is normal for problems such as diabetes to appear at this age. high cholesterol or tachycardia. People who suffer from these problems manage to understand their symptoms.

During heart disease, patients feel tightness in the chest, and the jaw, and they have difficulty in breathing. Also during this period, they feel a lack of oxygen, dizziness, and tiredness of the limbs. These signs are warning signs of a heart attack and should not be ignored.

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