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She Uploaded A Photo Of Herself And Her Husband Wearing Swimming Suits And Received Heavy Criticism For It

Although the photojournalist Jenna Kutcher is in a healthy relationship and is happy, it is clear that there would be no lack of criticism. However, Jenna has maintained her stance on this topic. She recently posted a photo with her husband wearing swimming suits and many commentators did not like this action at all. She is married to Drew Kutcher who works as a fitness instructor. Their relationship is beautiful and they are very much in love with each other. They decided to upload photos of themself wearing swimming suits.

They like to spend time together and this time they decided to spend their vacation on a beach in Hawaii. This was the best time to enjoy nature and the sea for once. Jenna did not waste a single minute without photographing the landscapes and the moments she was spending with her husband. She also shared these photos on her social media profile.

Swimming suits

But she was very surprised to see so many negative and critical comments. She also posted a photo of her husband in a bathing suit enjoying the beach. The comments were offensive and inappropriate. People judged Jenna’s looks and compared her to her husband saying that she is not as attractive as him. Some commentators also said that the man had a more beautiful body.

People had commented so much on the swimming suits photos that it shocked the photojournalist.

She did not expect such a reaction. There was so much hate and insults in the comments that it was unaffordable to reply. Some of the typical comments talked about her body. “HOW could she find such a hot man?”, “What did your husband see where you are, he should find someone more attractive.”, “It doesn’t go with your husband”, etc., were just some of those comments.

Swimming suits

Jenna felt offended and said that she is free to love and be loved. This is not at all hindered by her body, with which she is satisfied. She wrote that besides her, her husband is also satisfied with Jenna’s body. He liked shapes, kilograms, pimples, thoughts, emotions, problems, etc.

She says that her husband is the right person to share every moment of her life with and that he loves her more than anything. Jenna is not at all happy with the negative and prejudicial comments.

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