She Had An Ultrasound To Check The State of Pregnancy, Found It Interesting To See The Fetus Appeared To Be Making Balloons

Pregnancy is one of the most important moments for a woman. During this period, the woman should visit the doctor regularly to have an ultrasound.

Tammy Gonzales discovered something strange when she made her last visit to the doctor. She saw that the fetus was making some bubbles in her belly. She was 17 weeks pregnant when she visited her doctor.

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During the ultrasound, she discovered that something was different. She was looking at the screen and the doctor told her to look at something. Several bubbles appeared on the screen that seemed to come from the fetus. At first, Nena did not understand what was happening.

The doctor informed him that the lumps are related to a rare tumor called a teratoma. This tumor is life-threatening for the child. The doctor tried to find a solution for Tammy.


He proposed to abort the child. This could be a misfortune in the life of the mother. If she wanted to keep the child, her child’s life would be in danger. But another previously untried option was proposed.

The doctors told her that she could undergo an intrauterine procedure. But this procedure was not implemented before. The woman chose to undergo the procedure proposed by the doctors.

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After the medical procedure, the woman gave birth to a healthy daughter.

Now they are both safe and everything ended successfully.


The family is very happy now and is doing great!

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