Sean Hannity Is Not Happy After This Video Goes Viral

Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, hosted by comedian Trevor Noah, has garnered over 9.32 million YouTube subscribers, becoming a favored source of news and satire for a younger audience. Known for poking fun at celebrities, The Daily Show recently released a 15-minute video titled “The Words of Sean Hannity,” which has quickly gone viral, drawing widespread attention.

Sean Hannity, the former President Trump’s Fox News confidant, is humorously described by The Daily Show as an “infamous hypocrite” and Trump’s “pillow talk buddy.” The video compiles a series of clips featuring Hannity, originally aired on his Fox News program, showcasing thought-provoking statements and provocative remarks.

In one segment, Hannity declares on his Fox News broadcast, “Tonight, I can report that the sky is falling, we are doomed, the end is near, the apocalypse is imminent, and you’re all going to die.” The video highlights the stark contrast as Hannity swiftly shifts, adding, “Or at least that’s what the media mob would like you to think.”

The Daily Show’s video compares Hannity’s coverage of the Biden 2020 presidential race to Hillary Clinton’s bid for the White House in 2016, revealing discrepancies that raise questions about the accuracy of Hannity’s reporting. The contrasting perspectives in the video prompt viewers to consider whether Hannity’s reporting might be more fiction than fact.

Since the video’s release, thousands of people have shared their thoughts on The Daily Show’s YouTube channel, with comments expressing astonishment at Hannity’s statements and skepticism about the accuracy of his reporting. The video’s highlights include a “rap battle” segment that has received praise for its creativity and editing.

Overall, The Daily Show’s humorous take on Sean Hannity’s statements has sparked significant discussion, with viewers sharing their opinions on the accuracy and integrity of Hannity’s reporting.

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