Sadly, There Are Some Sad News About Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil will not continue with the TV show Dr. Phil McGraw that we are all used to watching on TV. He signed a contract with CBS Media Ventures in 2018 and now his show will be re-transmitted in the coming years.

He talked about his show saying that he was lucky to have participated in this show and helped people. “I’ve been on this TV show for over 25 years and we’ve helped a lot of people who had questions about their health.”

“Many people called, had questions about health, family, or marriage.” According to CBS Media Ventures, McGraw will reveal information about his television contract. “I have always wanted to help American families. I have always wanted to motivate young people who want to improve family values. That’s why I wanted to be followed by a wide audience.”

McGraw also talked about his podcasting projects. He had a successful television career and was invited to the Oprah Winfrey show in the 1990s. He has hosted about 4000 shows and hosted many guests. Also, in his show, he has read about 5 million letters from viewers, who asked about their problems.

Dr. Phil has hosted many shows and drawn many people in front of the TV. One of the most popular shows is Live with Kelly and Ryan. CBS Media Ventures President Steve LoCascio also spoke about Dr. Phil and his decision. “Our relationship will continue and we are very pleased to work with him.” Some other shows that will no longer be transmitted on television are The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Wendy Williams Show.

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