Rod Stewart Is In Tears

Rod Stewart has announced the death of his little brother Bob. This was terrible news for the singer-songwriter because shortly before the death of his younger brother, his older brother, Don, died. He posted the news on social media and accompanied it with the dedication “Rest in peace”.

The 77-year-old singer-songwriter is experiencing a very difficult moment, after losing two important people in his family. Both deaths happened one after the other and this was shocking for his family. They had not yet passed the pain of Don’s death, and after a short time, Ron passed away.

Stewart urged everyone to have a good time with their loved ones and cherish the memories they have with each other. He informed his followers that both of his brothers are dead. “In this difficult moment, I inform you that my brothers, Bob and Don, have left this world to play football in a bigger team in heaven,” he says.

“We had a very close relationship. They were my best friends. We did not experience this loss for a long time, but one after another. Just a short time after the death of the older brother, the younger brother passed away. I wish they rest in peace. I will miss them very much.”

“They were special and important people to me. Now everything will be difficult and will not be the same. I have to say goodbye to them in a short time. They were an important part of my heart.” David Foster offered his condolences to the singer-songwriter’s family. His family bid farewell to his 94-year-old brother Don.

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