Rescue Takes In Severely Matted Dog Who Looks Like a Wig — Today She’s Unrecognizable

A dog named Pear was in big trouble—she was found all covered in messy fur, so much that she looked like a wig! Luckily, a rescue called Mac’s Mission in Missouri stepped in to help her out. When they found her, Pear didn’t even look like a dog; she looked more like a big clump of hair.

The rescue team gave Pear a special “spa session” to get rid of all the tangled and dirty fur. They cleaned her up, shaved off the messy hair, and gave her a nice bath to make sure she was free from grime and fleas.

The rescue founder, Rochelle Steffen, mentioned that Pear was a very good and patient girl throughout the process, sitting calmly while they worked on her. Luckily, Pear didn’t have any maggots in her fur, and she was also fortunate not to have been hit by a car. However, she was missing an eyeball, probably from an older injury.

After all the care and grooming, Pear looked completely different! The rescue shared pictures of Pear before and after her makeover, and it was truly amazing to see the transformation. Thanks to the efforts of Mac’s Mission and their supporters, Pear now has a new and beautiful life ahead of her.

The rescue expressed gratitude to everyone who helped, highlighting that Pear’s incredible makeover wouldn’t have been possible without their support. It’s heartwarming to see how a little love, care, and a haircut can make such a big difference in a dog’s life.

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