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Renovations On The Roebuck Castle Are Starting Now

As you know, many old castles are being restored in France in recent years and one of them is the Roebuck castle. The castle is old and is located in South Roebuck in France. This building looks fantastic from the outside and why is it old? There is a time when no one has lived. The interior and exterior architecture of the building is unique and very beautiful.


The project of studying the castle before its renovation was undertaken by Paul Mielke. This project will be successful and will be talked about for a long time. This project will also be shown on television. Mielke says that when he entered the castle, he saw that it was dirty inside. The ceiling of the castle had collapsed and the floor was wet from rainwater.

Everything was ready for the castle, but the workgroups did not show up on time.

This delayed the start of the project. This challenge seems exciting because the building has a lot to fix. Its ceiling has collapsed, the floor and furniture are broken, the walls are damaged, etc. This made the work of the construction team even more dangerous.

Outside the building, there is a large fabulous pool. Although Mielke wants the appearance of the castle to remain original, many things must be changed inside and outside. He says that for the moment they will repair the broken parts and try to preserve the originality of the building.

In the pool and the yard, he plans to put flowers. The renovation of the castle started in mid-July. Initially, Mielke did not know the history of the house very well. But later he learned that this house could belong to the Khalaf family.


However, no one had lived in this house for about 15 years. The house was in very bad condition and they bought it for about 5000 dollars. Mielke says that anyone else would have hesitated and probably wouldn’t agree to take this building.

But according to him, with some renovations, this house will have a greater value. The house will be on the market again after the renovations. In this article, you will find many photos of the castle as it was before the renovation.


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