Queen Camilla ‘Outraged’ After Prince Harry’s Visit To See His Father For “Loving Son PR Stunt”, Claims Source

Queen Camilla was really angry when Prince Harry hurried home to see his father after hearing he had cancer. Newspapers said she was mad because he didn’t ask permission first.

They even said she only let Harry and his dad talk for a short time. The King, Prince Charles, flew by helicopter to Sandringham, but Harry couldn’t follow.

We don’t know what they talked about, and the King’s illness is kept secret. Prince William apparently didn’t want to see Harry during his visit. Queen Camilla was especially upset.

A source said she was furious that Harry didn’t ask permission to come home and that he even asked her to leave the room when he talked to his dad.

The source said Camilla was really mad. She’s been blamed by Harry for his parents’ divorce for a long time. She was upset because she felt Harry used his dad’s illness to make himself look good.

After the meeting, Camilla told Harry he was a disgrace to his dad, the family, and the monarchy. She made it clear he wasn’t welcome back.

So, it seems like there’s a lot of drama in the royal family because of Prince Harry’s visit home to see his sick dad.

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