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Pregnant waitress gives officer his lunch; what he later writes on his bill brings her to tears

One of the most difficult jobs is that of a waiter because the physical fatigue is great. Those who have worked as waiters understand the fatigue and commitment that this profession requires. A pregnant waitress touched everyone with this action of hers. One day an officer went to the bar where the pregnant woman worked as a waitress.

Pregnant waitress

But he put a note on the bill that made the girl shed tears. The woman was 8 months pregnant and worked all day to earn money. She was only 23 years old and worked in New Jersey at the Lamp Post Diner. During this period she was expecting her first child. Also during this time, she had to work hard to pay bills and other obligations.

The incident that confronted him with the officer who had gone to eat lunch, became viral. The 23-year-old continued her work tirelessly and was kind to all customers. When she showed him the bill, which showed that the lunch cost $8.75, she saw a note that made her burst into tears.

Pregnant waitress tip

She needed to save money during this period because her life would be different when the baby was born. The officer was amazed by the strength of the stone and calls her “a strong young girl”. According to him, she was an inspiration for all young people who are not finding the strength to take steps in life.

The officer paid the bill and left the tip. But not only that. He also left a tip of 100 dollars. She could not believe what happened and was very happy. The girl and her father were overjoyed when he saw the amount of money.

She started crying with joy. Later, her father shared the incident on social media and thanked the officer from the bottom of his heart. This was an important day for his daughter.

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