Poop Color and Shape Reveal Health Issues

Your stool will show you some signs for your body. It shows you this through its color, diet, shape. You can tell if you are deficient in vitamins or suffering from diseases of the intestines or digestive system. These diseases can be serious. You need to look at these signs quickly to prevent danger. You will also understand this from the shape and color we are going to talk about now.

1. Types of its forms.

Its normal shape is a curved shape that resembles the letter S. Its surface should not be rough but soft. If it is in this form, it indicates that your body is functioning properly.

If your stool is hard and has lumps in it, it indicates that you have digestive problems. To fix any digestive problems, you need to consume more fiber and vegetable oils. This way you will feel better. This form also shows that the stool is held in the intestine for a long time until it begins to harden. It can damage your intestines. This form indicates that you are suffering from constipation. To avoid this, you should eliminate dry foods from your diet, and you should drink plenty of water. Water will not only calm your body but also hydrate it.

If you notice intermittent bowel movements, it indicates that your bowels are clearing and you have started to lose weight. It is not a bad sign, but it is something that happens almost always. Try to consume healthy foods and drinks.

If it is in liquid form, it indicates that you suffer from diarrhea. It usually happens when you get sick and when you do not feel well. It is normal for the stool to be liquid for a short time. It can be treated by drinking warm fluids and taking medication. If this happens for a long time you should consult your doctor.

Its color usually deviates from brown. It is the normal color of the stool. It shows that you have no problems. Sometimes your stool gets the color of the food you consume. It happens when you eat cherries, beets, or any other food.

 If your stool is yellow, it means you should avoid fatty foods.

If it is black, it indicates that there is bleeding in your body. These can occur due to ulcers, or cancer. You need to consume vitamins and lots of iron during this period. If you feel scared, visit a doctor.

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