Policemen Arrive On Call And See Old Lady With Bandaged Arm. She Had No Food In The House

This was an unusual call for the police. The police say that they were surprised by the phone call they received and did not expect something like this. A woman called the police and told them that she had not eaten for a long time and that she was hungry.

She asked the police for help because she was really in a difficult situation. A few minutes later, a policeman who was near her house, immediately went to check the condition of the woman and was very surprised.

When he closed the house, the police saw something very strange. The house looked very beautiful from the outside and there were nice flowers in the yard. This thing surprised the police because the view before them did not give them the impression that a poor woman lived in this house.

The woman opened the door and the police asked her if she was Hilda, and she confirmed it. The police asked the woman if she was injured. She said that she had not eaten for two days and that she does not know anyone in that new neighborhood.

At the same time, she didn’t want to worry her son, who didn’t know that her arm hurt. Then the police thought to call an ambulance so that the woman could go to the hospital. But the woman started crying and told him that her husband had died in an ambulance and she was very afraid of them.

The police sent the woman to the hospital in their car. When the doctors checked Hilda’s health condition, they were worried. Then the doctors gave her the right medication and the police informed her son to come from Alaska to see his mother. Hilda came to her senses and when she found out that her son was coming, she was worried.

When Hilda saw her son, she was very happy and both hugged with tears in their eyes. The boy thanked the police who stood by his mother during this period. They advised the boy not to leave Hilda because she needed him.

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