People Share The Worst Gifts They’ve Ever Received

Receiving gifts can be a delightful experience, fostering positive emotions for both the giver and the receiver.

However, some unfortunate individuals have endured the shock of receiving gifts that were far from perfect, ranging from bizarre to downright terrible. Let’s delve into some of these memorable tales of disappointing gifts:

  • Maternity Pillow Mishap: u/P0werSurg3 found themselves in possession of a maternity body pillow at the age of 24 because their parents mistakenly followed someone else’s Amazon wishlist.
  • Deceased Dog’s Bed: u/everyone1hatesme’s mother-in-law presented their 1-year-old daughter with a deceased dog’s bed as a Christmas gift, suggesting it was for napping.
  • Abusive Relationship Survival Guide: u/lunnrais received identical self-help books on surviving an abusive spouse from their mother-in-law during the first holiday post-wedding.
  • Crockpot Trilogy: u/sevensevensixseven received the same crockpot from their ex-husband’s mother for three consecutive years and witnessed the ex-husband’s new wife getting one too.
  • Post-Mother Death Alarm Clock: u/[deleted] received an alarm clock the Christmas after their mother’s death, with a note implying they should contribute more.
  • Hulk Hogan Horse Fusion: u/The_Brain_Fuckler got a rubber Hulk Hogan figurine glued to a toy horse from an elderly family friend, insisting it was meant to look that way.
  • Clown Overload: u/mayonnaisejane endured years of receiving clown-themed presents every Christmas and birthday until a shift to kittens provided relief.
  • Inactive Xbox Live Points: u/ediaNS received Xbox Live points cards for two consecutive birthdays, only to discover they were inactive, leading to disappointment.
  • Rock and Acorn Tops: u/gennieb7 received a rock one year and acorn tops the next from their eccentric aunt, expecting them to find creative uses.
  • Underwhelming Sock Gift: u/justatypo got one pair of sports socks from their now-wife’s Nanna during their first family Christmas, a rather underwhelming and practical present.
  • Gameboy Share Struggle: u/tall_where_it_counts mowed lawns at 12 to buy a Gameboy Advance, only to be frustrated when their little brother received a game for it without owning the console.
  • Shedding Deer Hoof Candle Holder: u/Tarsala3791 received a taxidermied deer hoof with a candle holder, constantly shedding a fine white powder.
  • Vacuum Cleaner Surprise: u/christinagleas expected a play baby stroller but received a real-life vacuum cleaner from their grandmother, who believed they loved cleaning.
  • Ghost Poos in a Bag: u/Thewrongbakedpotato received a Ziploc bag filled with cotton balls labeled “ghost poos,” a quirky and unconventional gift.
  • Failed Bracelet Regift: u/pixierambling’s aunt attempted to re-gift them a bracelet and earrings originally bought by the user, leading to an awkward situation.
  • Brother’s Hand Turkey Art: u/[deleted] received a hand turkey drawing from their 21-year-old brother for Christmas, framed it, and gifted it back the following year.
  • Peanut Allergy Prank: A deleted user’s father-in-law pretended to forget their severe peanut allergy and gifted them peanut butter cup cookies, leading to a revenge prank involving air fresheners.
  • Annual Plastic Pig Tradition: Every New Year since age 6, a user’s stepmom gifted them a plastic pig as a joke, revealing years later that it was an ongoing humorous tradition.

These stories illustrate the wide range of disappointing and peculiar gifts people have received, making the act of gift-giving both an art and a potential minefield.

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