One Day Little Tommy Asks His Father

One day, little Tommy asked his father, “Dad, why do grown-ups like to exercise in bed?” Tommy’s mother was in the kitchen preparing dinner when she overheard the question, so she decided to listen in on the conversation to hear her husband’s response.

Tommy’s father replied, “Because it makes grown-ups happy.”

Tommy, with the innocent curiosity of a child, said, “I want to be happy too.”

His father chuckled and said, “You have to wait until you’re a grown-up for that kind of happiness.”

Tommy thought for a moment and then asked, “But who will exercise with me when I grow up?”

His father smiled and replied, “Hopefully, when you get married, it will be your wife.”

Tommy, still curious, asked, “But Dad, how come our neighbor Sally exercises with you?”

At that moment, Tommy’s mother, who had been listening from the kitchen, was shocked and quickly rushed out to confront her husband. The situation escalated quickly, and she was so upset that she needed medical attention. An ambulance arrived ten minutes later to help her.

This unexpected event left Tommy confused and concerned about what had just happened. He didn’t fully understand the implications of what he had said, but he sensed that something was very wrong. The paramedics took care of his mother, and she was soon stabilized, but the family now faced a serious issue that needed to be addressed.

Tommy’s innocent question had uncovered a truth that his father had been hiding. The revelation caused a lot of tension and pain within the family.

His father had to explain to Tommy more appropriately and simply why his actions were wrong and how important it is to be honest and faithful in relationships.

This incident became a significant turning point for the family. Tommy’s parents had to work through their issues, and Tommy learned an important lesson about honesty, trust, and the consequences of one’s actions.

Although it was a difficult time, it eventually led to open conversations and a better understanding within the family.

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