Oklahoma Boy Sits Alone To Fish When He Catches a Fish That Has Him Screaming

In Oklahoma, an 11-year-old boy named Charlie had a shocking encounter while fishing in a pond behind his house. He caught an odd-looking fish with human-like teeth, which startled him and his mother, Janna. They later discovered it was a pacu, a South American fish related to piranhas.

After posting pictures on their neighborhood’s Facebook page, wildlife experts advised them to return the fish to the pond since it was a catch-and-release area. Pacus are not native to the area and are believed to have been released as pets when they outgrew their tanks.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation expressed frustration with the previous owner for releasing an invasive species into the pond. Pacus have earned the unsettling nickname “the ball cutters” due to incidents in other countries where they have bitten human testicles.

Despite the fish’s notoriety, Charlie continued fishing at the pond, hoping to catch it again. His determination impressed his mother, and if he succeeds, they plan to have the fish mounted as a prize.

The discovery of the pacu in Oklahoma is not the first, and experts believe the introduction of this non-native species is a result of individuals releasing them when they grow too large for home aquariums.

While pacus are not generally dangerous to humans, they can pose a threat to the local ecosystem. Wildlife experts remain baffled as to how this fish ended up in a pond in a suburb north of Oklahoma City, and they suspect it was discarded by a pet owner.

The story of Charlie’s unusual catch has sparked curiosity and concern among the online community, drawing attention to the issue of releasing non-native species into local environments. The encounter with the pacu serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of irresponsible pet ownership and its impact on wildlife.

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