Nic Kerdiles’ Cause of Death Revealed

Former hockey player Nic Kerdiles tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident, as revealed by the recent coroner’s report. The report disclosed that Kerdiles suffered multiple blunt traumatic injuries, broken bones, brain bruising, and abrasions, ultimately leading to his accidental death on September 23.

Kerdiles, known for his engagement to reality star Savannah Chrisley, had shared photos of himself on his motorcycle on Instagram just hours before the fatal accident. The collision occurred when he reportedly ran a stop sign in Nashville, colliding with a BMW. There is no indication of impairment for either party involved.

Savannah and Nic’s relationship timeline includes dating from 2017 to 2018, followed by a two-year engagement before their separation in 2020. Despite the breakup, they reunited in 2022 to raise awareness about Kerdiles’ mental health struggles.

Savannah expressed her grief on social media, sharing a heartfelt post about Nic’s impact on her life. She highlighted their shared moments, both joyful and challenging, during their five-year relationship. She recalled Nic’s supportive presence during her parents’ difficult times, emphasizing his role in driving her on a tough day.

The reality star acknowledged the public scrutiny their relationship faced and emphasized the importance of cherishing the ordinary moments they shared. She expressed deep sadness, longing to hear Nic’s words of love once again.

In a poignant Instagram Story, Savannah posted a gif of her and Nic sharing a kiss, expressing her ongoing hope for a response to her texts. Her subsequent post delved into the profound loss, describing Nic’s absence as leaving the world empty and expressing gratitude for the precious season they had together.

Savannah concluded her tribute by expressing how much she missed Nic and lamenting the unfairness of his untimely departure. The heartfelt message captured the depth of their connection and the enduring impact Nic had on Savannah’s life.

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