My Teen Daughter Chose Her Cheating Dad over Me & Cut All Contact, Asks Me for Money Years Later

Initially in a seemingly fortunate marriage to a wealthy man, she faced infidelity but chose to stay for the sake of her daughter, Kelly. When the second instance of infidelity occurred, she filed for divorce but lost custody due to her husband’s financial advantage and family support.

Despite attempts to stay connected, the woman’s in-laws and parents portrayed her negatively to Kelly, leading the daughter to believe her mother was a bad person. The woman, however, persevered, rebuilding her life in accountancy while her ex-husband faced financial turmoil.

When Kelly, now 21, faced financial struggles for college, she reconnected with her mother, though the woman felt hurt by the perceived motive. Despite offering financial support, the woman required Kelly to relinquish her status as the sole heir, intending to leave the majority of her estate to her goddaughter, Laura, who had become like a daughter.

The woman’s decision sparked tension with relatives who advised equal distribution, fearing it would hinder reconciliation with Kelly. Yet, she hesitated to foster a relationship based on transactions or financial compensation.

In navigating this complex family dynamic, the woman sought solace in her friend Tina, maintaining a steadfast connection. As the woman faced challenges and her ex-husband encountered misfortunes, the narrative unfolded into a tale of resilience, financial decisions, and the delicate balance between family ties and personal values.

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