Mother: Here’s Why I’m Sharing My Daughter’s Last Moments On Facebook

The most important thing for parents is their children. Parents can do anything to see their children happy and healthy. In this article, you will find the touching story of parents who lost their brave daughter due to cancer. These are their last moments with their little girl before she died.

5-year-old Zoey Catherine Dagget lost her life, but she was a brave girl who fought until the end of her life. Zoey was a wonderful and very loving girl. She had many friends and played with them and her parents all the time after school.

But her dreams were cut short because of the disease that took her life. This is a photo of the parents with their daughter before she died. This photo touched everyone and many commenters express their condolences to the little girl’s family.

Zoey the brave daughter tried to get rid of this disease for two years in a row.

When she was three years old, doctors realized that she was suffering from cancer. She was a very loving and energetic girl. After this news, everything was not like before in the little girl’s life.

She began to lose her balance. Also, she could not play with her friends because she would get hurt. Everything was understood when she went to the park to play and collapsed. The parents took the girl to the hospital and there they realized that she was very well.

But the girl’s condition started to deteriorate and the parents took her to the hospital again. She could not use her hands. In the hospital, after the doctors visited the girl, they realized that she had a terrible disease. This was the most difficult day for the little girl’s parents.

The girl was suffering from a rare tumor called DIPG. This tumor affects part of the brain and very few people can continue their lives. The parents were very saddened by these words. They decide to share their painful story with the Daily Mail to give their example of this situation. They wanted to be a strength for parents who were suffering the same pain as them.

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