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Mom Visits Tardy Age 6 Son During Lunch Only To Realize He’s Been ‘Publicly Shamed’ By His Teachers

This photo of a six-year-old child who was punished at school has caused a lot of noise in the community. People are very upset with this procedure that is applied in Lincoln Elementary School when a small child is late for school.

The mother of 6-year-old Nicole said that the family car sometimes had difficulty starting, and this caused her son Hunter to be late for school. She knew that Hunter’s school punished children who were late, but she did not think that she would face such a sight.

Nicole decided to make her son happy at lunch and thought of going to his school. During the lunch break, the children eat bread together, but when the mother entered the dining room, she saw something terrible that she never thought would happen.

Her 6-year-old son was sitting alone and suffering public humiliation.

This upset Nicole a lot and she was disappointed with the school service. Recently, their car started having problems and she was very upset that her son would be late for school, but it was not his fault that he was late.

Nicole felt responsible for her son’s lateness, so she decided to visit him during her lunch break. She saw that her son was sitting alone and a white divider was placed in front of him that prevented him from looking at or talking to his classmates.

Her son was crying and hurt. He did not deserve this punishment and was not late to school for more than 1 minute. Hunter’s grandmother shared photos of her grandson on Facebook and wrote, “This is my grandson Hunter.

He is 6 years old and goes to school. Sometimes his mother’s car does not start and has problems, so he is forced to be late. When his mother went to visit her son at lunch, this is the condition she found her son in. He was crying.”

The news was shared thousands of times and the school’s website was flooded with negative comments. After posting this event, something unexpected happened to the family. The residents of Grants Pass had prepared a surprise.

The whole community had gathered and pooled money to buy a car for Hunter’s family. This made them happy and Nicole shows that she is grateful to the people who supported and helped her and her son.

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