Mom Paints Face To Look Like Daughter’s Heart-Shaped Port Wine Birthmark

Marianna Bowering’s daughter, Angelica, was born with a heart-shaped port wine stain on her face. While some friends and family accept the mark, others feel the need to make negative comments. Angelica has been labeled “hideous” and a “defect”. Bowering has taken steps to ensure that her daughter knows that she is beautiful.

She used makeup to create a copy of her daughter’s birthmark on her own face. She said she “wanted to be just as beautiful as her.” Bowering was upset when people suggested that her daughter’s facial spots would fade over time, or that Angelica could conceal them with makeup if she wished. She questioned why her daughter should have to hide her natural beauty rather than embrace it.

Neither Bowering nor her husband believe that Angelica’s birthmark is something they or she should be ashamed of. They actively work to make sure that Angelica knows that it is something that should be celebrated. Before the matching “birthmark,” Bowering dressed up Angelica’s port wine stain with glitter to “make it shine.”

While children with port wine stains on their faces are at risk for developing other health conditions, Angelica is healthy. Bowering said, “Thankfully, we’ve done tests and Angelica is totally healthy. We just need to have regular check-ups, especially for her eyes, as glaucoma can be a concern.”

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