Mom Notices ‘Unsettling’ Reflection In Her Sunglasses After Taking A Selfie

In October 2020, Sara Medeiros, a resident of Massachusetts, shared an unsettling experience she had after taking a selfie. She posted the photo on Quora, where she noticed two mysterious figures in the reflection of her sunglasses. In the close-up selfie, Sara asked others about the scariest thing they’ve found in a photo, mentioning she had ordered new sunglasses and wanted an opinion before purchasing them.

Upon analyzing the photo, Sara noticed something odd in the sunglasses’ reflection. Instead of seeing her black dining room table and chairs, she saw two figures—a young boy on the left and a taller, eerie figure on the right. Sara mentioned that she is open to the idea of spirits, ghosts, and entities. She had been told by spiritual mediums that she had a young boy spirit attached to her, as well as a dark energy that seemed to follow her regardless of where she lived.

The post sparked a mix of reactions from the online community. Many agreed with Sara’s belief in spirits and urged her to find someone who could remove the “entities.” Some claimed they could see the dark figure with eyes and pointy ears and expressed concern about its presence. However, others were more skeptical, suggesting that the figures might be illusions caused by the angle of the picture or reflections of light.

While some people supported the idea of spirits and psychic phenomena, others advised against putting too much trust in such beliefs, emphasizing the need for scientific evidence. The discussion continued between those who interpreted the photo as paranormal and those who attributed it to mere light effects and distortions.

Ultimately, the mystery remained unsolved, leaving room for both believers and skeptics to draw their own conclusions about the eerie figures captured in Sara’s sunglasses reflection.

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