Meri Brown Posts Heartbreaking Tribute to Older Brother, Who Passed Away 5 Weeks After Stopping Cancer Treatment

Meri Brown, the 52-year-old star of Sister Wives, shared tragic news about her brother Adam Barber’s passing on October 5, just two months before his 55th birthday. Adam had decided to stop chemotherapy due to the rapid progression of his cancer. Meri expressed her emotions on Instagram, remembering both the good and bad memories she shared with him.

The death of Adam follows the losses of their siblings Teresa in 2006 and Mark in 2015. Meri reflects on being the only one remaining from the “original four,” a term she uses for herself and her three oldest siblings. Despite having three younger sisters, she feels the weight of being the only one left from their original group.

Meri shares that the term “original four” is significant because they were the siblings born in California before their family moved to Utah. The four siblings experienced their early childhood together in California, creating unique memories. Meri ponders why Adam’s passing affects her so deeply, considering her broader family structure.

She highlights the bond between the “original four,” shaped by their close ages and shared experiences. Meri acknowledges that she doesn’t fully understand the impact of Adam’s death but emphasizes her commitment to moving forward and honoring her siblings through memories. Despite the grief, she chooses to live, love, forgive, and remember.

In a touching conclusion, Meri mentions a playful argument she used to have with Adam about the word “irregardless,” expressing her intention to move forward with strength, remembering him with honor, kindness, and love. The post serves as a heartfelt tribute to her late brother and a reflection on the unique bond shared by the “original four.”

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