Man Installed Hidden Cameras in His Bedroom after Noticing It Was Messy When He Got Home

In the tale, a college student, OP, allowed his roommate to stay in his apartment. Initially, everything seemed normal between the two friends in their early 20s. However, suspicions arose when OP noticed his bed consistently messy after returning from his night shifts. Despite having his roommate’s girlfriend and his own partner occasionally staying over, he found unfamiliar clothing in his bed.

Unable to confront the issue directly, OP decided to address the situation by purchasing and installing a spy camera in his bedroom. While at work during his night shift, he received a notification about motion in the room. Curious yet apprehensive, he reviewed the footage and discovered his roommate, without permission, had been using OP’s bed with his girlfriend.

Feeling mortified, OP immediately shared the video with his partner, who was equally shocked. Confronting the roommate, OP expressed his disgust at the invasion of privacy. The roommate admitted to using OP’s bed, claiming it was more comfortable than his own. Meanwhile, the girlfriend learned about the hidden camera and confronted OP, leading to further tension.

Unable to reconcile the breach of trust, OP sought advice from the online community, sharing his dilemma. The response overwhelmingly supported OP, with many deeming him “NTA” (Not The A**hole). Redditors expressed anger toward the roommate and his girlfriend, condemning their invasion of OP’s space and violation of privacy. Some argued that OP was justified in installing the hidden camera to uncover the truth about what was happening behind his back.

The story raises ethical questions about privacy and the appropriate ways to address suspicions in shared living spaces. While opinions may vary, the majority of online responders sided with OP’s decision to install the hidden camera, given the circumstances.

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