Man Had His Name On His License Plate For 25 Years But Now People Are Saying It’s Offensive

This family had their name on the license plate of the car, but this was called offensive to women. According to a professor at McGill University, Carrie Rentschler, Lorne Grabher’s name is supportive of Trump’s statements. The professor is an expert in gender studies and recalled President Trump’s statements during the presidential campaign in 2005. Lorne Grabher’s family name supported sexual violence against women.

After these problems, Grabher tried to change the license plates and this work cost him a lot of time. The family must install new license plates because the Registrar of Motor Vehicles has removed them. Recently, the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia decided to pay the costs that he owes to the court. Grabher had paid the Crown $750 on a deposition.

Grabher’s lawyer has also spoken about this issue and requested that the report on the license plate has been deleted. This license plate, according to the report, supports Donald Trump’s comments, which he made offensively toward women. In these statements, Trump says that every woman liked genitals. According to the report, the word “GRABHER” supported Trump’s statement.

However, Cameron’s lawyer says the license plate has nothing to do with the president’s speech. He said that this is a violation of freedom of expression, and it should not be limited by the statements of a certain personality. Grabher also stated that his car’s license plate is not related to the offensive statements of President Trump. He said that this was a gift for his father, as a symbol of his Austrian-German legacy.

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