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Lynda Carter, 71, Reveals Why She Won’t Have Plastic Surgery: I Am What I Am

Lynda Carter is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Today she is 67 years old and has not had any plastic surgery. She looks more beautiful than ever with her very natural look. Lynda claims that she has not had any aesthetic intervention and that she would never want to.

She also admitted this during her interview for Closer Weekly at the God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards in NYC. The actress is known for her role as Wonder Woman. Her features are so beautiful and unique.

“I have never thought about it and I don’t think I want to be different,” says the well-known actress. In her interviews, she said that during fitness and because of the Peloton cycle, she received “a little botox”. For her, natural beauty is very important. Women always want to look beautiful regardless of their age or spiritual condition.

The famous actress today is also the mother of two children and they look in perfect shape. She continues to be a Wonder Woman. Anyone can look beautiful if they have self-confidence and feel good about themselves.

“We know that the person inside us is powerful.” Lynda thanked all the women for their courage. Known for her role in Wonder Woman, Lynda is a talented actress.

This series was made from 1975 to 1979 and won the hearts of the public. The series became an inspiration for many different girls in the world. Lynda has learned a lot from Wonder Woman. “This series taught women to be who they are.”

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