Lala Anthony In Rumored Romance, Following Divorce From Carmelo Anthony

Anthony has received the attention of the media with her unimaginable success. She has managed to direct some of the most successful television shows. But in recent days she is being talked about a new romance, not long after the divorce from Carmelo Anthony.

Lala has been on television for several years and tries every day to give her best in public. She has other commitments besides her profession. At the same time, Lala takes care of the house and her child.

Lala Anthony

Although everyone had faith in the romantic relationship of Carmelo and Lala, their relationship was destroyed and this saddened everyone. They were a beautiful and loving couple. Their relationship started years ago, and later in 2006, they got married. Lala has a child with her ex-husband and his name is Kiyan. Although they are not together, both are devoting themselves to their careers. Carmelo continues to be active in NBA games.

But Carmelo, in addition to his sports life, was also involved in several scandals that seem to have affected his married life as well. Although both tried to save their relationship, they did not succeed.

News and rumors about Carmelo’s private life began to spread very quickly and his wife Lala decided not to continue with this relationship. In addition, some news about Melo’s betrayal went viral and this affected the couple’s relationship.

Besides this, another scandal in which Melo was involved is his relationship with other women and his illegitimate children. Lala decided to investigate Melo’s life and found signs that he was cheating on her. Then she decided to divorce.

Although Lala Anthony seems sad about this event, she tries to show the opposite.

Lately, she has been very dedicated to her career. Now she is devoting herself to her life where it seems that she has started a new romance with Da Vinci.

They appeared to be used. However, they have not declared anything, but there could be a romance between them.

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