Kid Rock Politely Asks Garth Brooks to Leave His Nashville Honky Tonk: “This Bar is For A-Holes”

In an unexpected encounter, Garth Brooks arrived at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk and Rock n Roll Steak House right on time for his usual reservation. However, Kid Rock himself made an appearance and politely asked Brooks to leave the establishment. Kid Rock, as the owner, stated that the bar is meant for “A-holes” or lowlifes, making a reference to Brooks’ previous comment that half of the people in the United States deserve such a slur.

Brooks left without uttering a word, and witnesses described his departure as emotionally withdrawn, with tears in his eyes. Kid Rock, in an interview with ALLOD journalist Joe Barron, expressed his concerns about allowing “woke posers” to dictate the rules, believing that it would be detrimental to America. He believed that asking Brooks to leave was necessary for the country’s well-being.

When Brooks was reached for a comment, he responded while at Sizzler, claiming that the food there was actually better than the fare at Kid Rock’s restaurant. He dismissed the accusation and clarified that he had only visited Kid Rock’s place once out of curiosity about what a musician without talent from Detroit was doing in Nashville. Brooks also commented on the atmosphere, describing it as smelling like Axe Body Spray and meth, and mentioned that he had a Bud Light before leaving.

Kid Rock plans to release CCTV footage of the incident in the near future. The situation between the two musicians has sparked controversy, but Kid Rock remains steadfast in his belief that his actions were necessary for the sake of America.

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