Kelly Clarkson Admits She Will Spank Her Kids If They Are Out of Line

Singer Kelly Clarkson openly revealed her stance on disciplining her children during a recent radio interview. Despite the American Academy of Pediatrics denouncing spanking as harmful and unproductive, Clarkson admitted that she is not above using it as a form of discipline for her two children, River Rose (8) and Remy (6).

Clarifying that she doesn’t mean hitting hard but lightly, she justified her perspective by sharing that she was spanked growing up and turned out fine. Hailing from the South, where spankings were more accepted, she mentioned that her upbringing shaped her view on the matter. She even recounted how her mom would give permission to the principal to spank her if she ended up in the principal’s office.

Clarkson, known for her talents as a singer, songwriter, author, and TV personality, acknowledged that her approach to parenting is divisive and that she finds it challenging to discipline her kids in public. Despite potential criticisms, she defended her belief in spanking and mentioned that she might even do it in public, like at the zoo, if needed. However, she also informed her children in advance about the consequences of their behavior.

By giving them a clear warning, Clarkson found that it has helped in reducing certain behaviors. While she believes in her approach, she acknowledged that it’s a contentious issue, with some people having differing views on child discipline.

The singer’s candid admission sparked discussions about parenting methods and the ongoing debate surrounding spanking as a form of discipline. Some may agree with Clarkson’s perspective, while others advocate for alternative methods that avoid physical punishment.

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