Joanna Gaines Recovering At Home After Undergoing Spine Surgery To Relieve Back Pain

Joanna Gaines is not in good health because of the problems she has recently had with her spine. She has undergone an procedure that will reduce the pain she feels in her back.

Gaines has been missed by everyone as she hosted a TV Show that was watched by all ages. She and Chip hosted this show for a long time and decorated houses. This show gained a lot of followers because it had interesting and entertaining topics.
Gaines has worked hard to build her career.

She and her husband are parents to five children and are also wonderful colleagues. Their show was nominated for an Emmy award this year. A little while ago, Joanna shared the news with her followers that her health condition is not good. She posted a photo from the hospital on her profile. The follower and her friends were worried about her health condition of Joanna, who later spoke about her illness.

She claimed that it was not the first time that she faced a microdiscectomy. She must complete this surgical procedure to treat the problem in the backbone. Joanna had to undergo her first surgery of this type when she injured her back in high school.

She said that she needed to spend some time with her family and rest because she was tired. Joanna wished everyone a happy holiday and said that she will not be on the screen with her followers during the holidays.

She said that it has become very difficult for her to face her back pain every day. The first operation was in 2001 and she has to repeat it. For this reason, she has been absent from the screen and will not be with her followers for a certain time, until she fully recovers.

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