Jennifer Garner’s Daughter Violet Makes Rare Public Appearance With Mom – She’s Her Spitting Image

Jennifer Garner has recently been photographed with her daughter and these photos have won everyone’s hearts. Garner is a well-known and beloved actress who has been part of the screen for many years. She is photographed with her daughter who has become a beautiful lady like her mother. Garner looks very young but she has three children and her oldest daughter is 17 years old. She has devoted time to raising and educating her family, not forgetting her career.

Her daughter has become very beautiful and everyone can’t stop the positive comments for the couple. They were photographed at the White House state dinner. Jennifer Garner was invited to the dinner and she could take a companion with her. So she chose to go with her daughter. No one thought that the famous actress would make this choice. Garner’s 17-year-old daughter has grown up so much that everyone fell in love with her beauty and intelligence.

Violet Affleck received many compliments from famous people and her mother’s friends. The state dinner is usually organized to honor the French president. Therefore, in this important event, she chose to go with her daughter Violet. Garner was married to Ben Affleck when she was blessed with her eldest daughter, Violet. Garner’s daughter was dressed very nicely and this attracted everyone’s attention. She was wearing a black dress and was matched her mother. They were chosen to have a grand entrance at the state dinner.

Everyone was surprised at how similar Violet was to the famous actress. The 17-year-old is an attractive and smiling girl like her mother. The actress is very proud of her daughter. This was an important event where the mother-daughter duo received a lot of attention.

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