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If Your Child Is Going To Vomit Then Don’t Rush Them To The Bathroom

A 16-year-old boy recently died in a very strange way. He was sleeping with his brother in the same room, and one moment he just got up to vomit. 

He tried to hold his hand to his mouth and to go to the bathroom and vomit there. It was very difficult for him. As he went to vomit in the bathroom, he completely went out of breath and had difficulties in breathing. 

He was choked, as the doctor declared because he held his vomit until he reached the bathroom to not spoil the carpet or everything else. 

His vomit went into his windpipe and the breathing track, so this is what choked him. We are so sorry for him and we offer our condolences to his family. 

No one should stop children from vomiting where they are, because it is very dangerous to forbid them and wait until they go to the bathroom.

Please, never force your children to hold their vomit until they reach the bathroom. Everything can be washed again and again, but the children can never come back.

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