I Laughed With Tears All Day After Reading This Joke

Humor is a universal language, and jokes come in all shapes and sizes, often catering to individual preferences. Everyone has their favorite type of joke, and when you hear one of those familiar setups, you can’t help but anticipate the hearty laughter that’s about to follow.

One genre that has a dedicated following is the “blonde joke.” These jokes run the gamut from mildly amusing to downright hilarious. The following joke falls somewhere in between, but it’s certainly worth a share.

In this joke, a woman finds herself facing a car problem, so she seeks advice from a friend. The friend, being somewhat of a practical thinker, asks about the mileage on her car, which stands at a staggering 235,000 miles. Sensing that high mileage might be at the root of her car issues, the friend offers a rather unconventional solution: her brother, a mechanic, could magically reset the mileage to a more appealing 25,000 miles.

The woman decides to give it a try and visits the mechanic with her unusual request. Two days later, when her friend inquires if she’s successfully sold the car after the mileage adjustment, the woman, with a sly smile, responds, “Why would I sell the car when it’s only showing 25,000 miles on the clock?”

Now, for an additional dose of humor, we’ve got a second joke for you:

Picture this: a man in an airport lounge, eager to impress a striking young woman seated nearby. He notices her uniform and assumes she must be an off-duty flight attendant. Determined to strike up a conversation, he attempts to identify the airline she works for.

He leans in confidently and asks, “Is the British Airways motto, ‘To fly, to serve’?” The young woman, however, looks at him with evident confusion.

Undeterred, he tries another airline motto, this time from Air France: “Winning the hearts of the world.” But again, she appears bemused.

Undaunted by her reactions, he makes a final attempt, this time mentioning the Malaysian Airlines motto: “Going beyond expectations.” Her response is stern and to the point: “What the heck do you want?”

With a sense of triumph, he proudly exclaims, “Ah-ha!… United Airlines.”

Jokes like these remind us that laughter can brighten even the dullest moments of our day. Whether it’s a classic blonde joke or a clever airline-themed jest, humor has the power to connect people and bring smiles to our faces.

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