I Heard My Husband Talking About Me To His Family And I Can’t Stop Crying

Arranged marriages are common in some countries, and while opinions about this tradition vary, many of these unions thrive. One woman shared her heartwarming story on Reddit, starting with how her marriage was arranged. She only had two months to date her future husband before they got married.

Their relationship felt like a fairy tale, especially after they welcomed a baby girl. Her husband took a three-year break from his father’s company to support her during pregnancy and early motherhood. He took care of her, cooked, cleaned, and always made time to talk about her feelings. It was like living in a dream for her.

Both families, including parents, aunts, and uncles, supported her during pregnancy and helped with the baby. It was a close-knit community that cared deeply for each other.

During a family gathering, she overheard her husband speaking to his parents about her. His words were filled with love and affection, describing her as the definition of happiness.

He expressed gratitude for their arranged marriage and couldn’t imagine life without her and their daughter.

This made her feel incredibly fortunate. She decided to surprise him with a date night and express her love and appreciation openly.

Redditors shared their thoughts, expressing joy at the heartwarming story. They encouraged her to continue expressing gratitude and love for her husband.

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