I Discovered What My Tyrant Stepmother Had Been Hiding since My Father’s…

Ellie lost her mother when she was three and her father later on, leaving her in the care of her stepmother, Janice, and stepbrothers.

Initially, Janice was kind, but after Ellie’s father passed away, Janice’s behavior changed. She took control of the house, favoring her sons over Ellie.

Things took a turn when Ellie’s Aunt Jody revealed a shocking secret: Ellie was the rightful heir to her father’s estate. Janice had kept this from Ellie to maintain control.

Determined to reclaim what was hers, Ellie decided to leave the house.

Before departing, Ellie left a note declaring her intention to claim her inheritance, signaling the start of a new chapter in her life.

With her aunt’s support, Ellie planned her next moves while staying with a friend.

Despite the challenges she faced with her stepmother, she took a bold step towards securing her rightful inheritance and forging her own path forward.

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