I Can’t Be The Only One Old Enough To Remember What This Copper-Colored Object Is?

Roller skating, a cherished pastime for generations, has a rich history dating back to a London stage performance in 1743, with John Joseph Merlin claiming the invention in 1760. During World War II, the U.S. considered using roller skates to move infantry in Europe, a plan that never materialized.

In the U.S., roller skates gained popularity as a pastime in 1935, reaching new heights in the 1970s with the introduction of skating rinks playing disco music. Many may recall the heavy metal skates that attached to shoes and adjusted as feet grew. However, there’s a lesser-known accessory from that era – a copper-colored object that skaters wore around their necks, now circulating on social media.

Contrary to guesses about it being a bottle opener or tool, the object is a skate key. For skaters before the 1970s, it was an essential tool for adjusting skate sizes. Skates were strapped to shoes, and the skate key would fit into the back of the skates. Skaters commonly wore it around their necks to ensure they didn’t lose it while enjoying their time on wheels.

The importance of the skate key is emphasized by the fact that songs have been written about this seemingly simple yet crucial piece of skating equipment. The nostalgic images and discussions on social media highlight the fond memories associated with roller skating, its evolution over time, and the unique accessories that were once indispensable to skaters.

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